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Gokul Raj

T24 Consultant

T24 modules expert of Account, TAX, Interest and Charges, System Tables, Provisioning module, TUXP, TCIB-Reatil, TCIB-Corproate. IRIS, IF, ESB - Fiorano, IBM-MQ. iPhone , IOS mobile app.- T24 Modules Experience
T24 Customer Module(CU), T24 Account (AC), Teller (TT), FundsTransfer (FT), Interest and Charges (IC), Tax (TX), Limit (LI), Collateral (CO), Delivery (DE), Reporting (RE), Category creation for sub modules or sub product creation and allocation at System Tables modules(ST).
- Temenos Web services Creation (TWS) for external Business requirements such involved in ARC Mobile interface creation for Edge TCIB.
- T24 Developments done by me, Interest day basis concept of E,E1 and W methods, Brazil interest day basis, SWIFT 2010.
- T24 Enquiry, T24 Version creation for the client requirement.

Gokul Raj
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